excel 2007 compile error in hidden module

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  • SysTools Office Upgrade 1.0

    The best solution to deal with all troubles regarding excel 2003 to 2007 up-gradation is presented by SysTools Office Upgrade tool that helps to convert all Office files to higher version of Office 2007. Upgrade 2003 to
  • Best Excel Recovery 9.0

    Best excel Recovery is a useful application designed to create an error free backup of your original excel file for instant access. When a file shows an error while trying to open it then it is probably corrupt. Best
  • DoneEx XCell Compiler 2.2.8

    DoneEx XCell compiler is an excel add-in that allows you to compile XLS files. You can compile excel spreadsheet into EXE application with securely hidden formulas in binary format and protected VBA code. With
  • Spreadsheet-WriteExcel 2.35

    The Spreadsheet::Writeexcel Perl module can be used to create an excel binary file on any platform that perl runs on. Multiple worksheets can be added to a Workbook and formatting can be applied to cells. Text, numbers,
  • Excel 2007 Ribbon to Old Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to add the old, easy-to-use excel 2003 menu to the more complicated excel 2007 menu. For your convenience, both the excel 2003 menu and the 2007 menu will be available
  • Unlock Excel 2007 5.5

    Perfect Data Solutions designed special excel 2007 password unlocker software. This unlock excel 2007 password tool really helps you to break excel 2007 password within few mouse clicks. Best excel 2007 password remover
  • Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 1.0

    Now you have no need of excel for viewing, reading and printing excel workbooks because the handy Microsoft excel Viewer 2003 perform same function like Microsoft excel. It does not support data editing as well as
  • Classic Menu for Excel 2007 7.00

    If you were used to excel 2003, you are likely to be frustrated as you use the newer excel 2007 version. One of the things that makes it frustrating is the fact that you will find it difficult to get the menus as you
  • Corrupt xlsx2csv 1.02

    Corrupt xlsx2csv requires the installation of the Microsoft .Net version 2 framework. Corrupt xlsx2csv will extract and convert to CSV format worksheets from even damaged or corrupted excel 2007 xlsx format files. It
  • Excel 2007 Ribbon to old Excel 2003 Classic Menu T 9.0

    Now you can customize your Microsoft office by using handy excel 2007 Ribbon to old excel 2003 Classic Menu Toolbar. It has following major features: it is very easy to use and convert/and include a new old Microsoft
  • MS 2007 Excel Password Recovery 1.0

    InFixi Microsoft excel2007 password cracker software can deliberately recover MS excel 2007 password protected file with full safety. With MS 2007 excel password recovery tool is based on advance technology through which
  • Classic Style Menus and Toolbars for Microsoft Excel 2007 4.2.8

    A powerful and easy-to-use add-in for showing the classic menus and toolbars of Microsoft excel 2003 on Ribbon of Microsoft excel 2007. A powerful and easy-to-use add-in for showing the classic menus and toolbars of
  • XL Navigator 1.0.4

    With Workbook Manager for Microsoft excel you can: - Easily navigate between your Microsoft excel worksheets and workbooks. - Insert, rename, delete and sort Microsoft excel worksheets. - Hide worksheets or even make
  • Excel Text Cleaner 2.0

    excel Text Cleaner is an essential MS excel Add-In. You can clean your tedious data in excel easily by using its commands which are specially developed to give you the power of automation. You can remove extra spaces,
  • Recovery for Excel 4.1.096244

    To fix the corrupted Microsoft excel spreadsheet files Recovery for excel is the best software. Many important excel spreadsheets like research or analysis are damaged and corrupted by bad floppies and file systems.
  • Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery 4.0

    Stellar Phoenix excel Recovery software is excel recovery software which restore corrupt MS excel spreadsheets with lists, charts, formulas, image coordinates, hidden sheets, merged cells, chart series etc. excel
  • Navigator Excel Toolbar 1.13

    For excel 2007 only Navigator excel Toolbar is included as part of Navigator Utilities and is also available as a stand-alone product for excel users Have you moved to excel 2007 and cannot find anything on the new
  • Benin Mileage Chart Stable

    Benin Mileage Charts for excel 2007, including times and distances. Benin Mileage Charts for excel 2007, including times and distances. Benin Mileage Chart consists of a Microsoft excel 2007 workbook containing four
  • Louisiana Mileage Chart Final

    Louisiana Mileage Charts for excel 2007, including times and distances. Louisiana Mileage Charts for excel 2007, including times and distances. Louisiana Mileage Chart consists of a Microsoft excel 2007 workbook
  • Excel Delete 10.5.18

    Delete blank rows and hidden columns in excel Delete blank rows and hidden columns in excel excel Delete is a Microsoft excel addin designed to delete blank rows, hidden rows, visible rows, blank columns, hidden
  • Kearo 4.0

    Whether you want to report data from your SD module, your MM module, your FI module, your HR module or any other SAP® module, Kearo can support you.Kearo offers a quick deployment, a clear user interface and of course a
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Help Tab 1.0.0

    Microsoft Office 2007 Help Tab 1.0.0 is a free and easy to use add-in for Word, excel and PowerPoint 2007 with which you can add an additional "Help" tab to the Ribbon user interface. This "Help" tab provides tools
  • Excel Duplicate Deleter v1.2

    The Duplicate Deleter for Microsoft excel will help you quickly and easily find duplicates and delete them with using key columns.The plugin works with Microsoft excel 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000. Microsoft excel 2007
  • Excel Word Count 3.0

    excel Word Count is an useful addin for excel to Count Words in excel Workbook just like MS Word Inbuilt Word Count Utility. You can count words in ActiveSheet, Active Workbook & Selected Cells. You can also use its
  • Classic Style Menus for Excel 2007 4.3.9

    A powerful and easy-to-use add-in for showing the classic menus and toolbars of Microsoft excel 2003 on Ribbon of Microsoft excel 2007. All of the new features in Microsoft excel 2007 have been added into the Classic
  • Zoner's Half-Life Tools 1.0

    There are seven programs included in this release. HLCSG, HLBSP, HLVIS and HLRAD together build and light your map and are generally all used every time you compile your map (unless you are doing only partial compiles
  • SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007 9.00.4035

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007 (Data Mining Add-ins) allow you take advantage of SQL Server 2005 predictive analytics in Office excel 2007 and Office Visio 2007. The download
  • Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ

    As part of any spreadsheet risk management or control initiative, organizations need to ensure mission critical spreadsheet models are working properly and producing accurate results. This requires periodic testing,
  • Free MS Excel Password Recovery 5.5

    Want to recover free MS excel password? Because you lost your excel password and finding a brilliant freeware MS excel password recovery tool then don't worry and get resolutions of your all queries about Free MS excel
  • QueryCell 1.2

    QueryCell is a Plugin for Microsoft excel that allows you to query excel data using SQL within the excel application itself. Use SQL on excel data inside excel SQL Insert Statements for excel data in seconds Join