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  • In program description

    Suppose you wish to invest a certain amount of money in stocks, or stock funds, or both. After you???ve selected the stocks or funds, the immediate question is how much should you invest in each security. Should it be
  • SmartFolio Professional Edition 3.0.68

    SmartFolio is extremely powerful asset allocation software aimed at all types of quantitatively oriented investors and investment professionals. Simple and intuitive, it contains superior portfolio optimization
  • Bond Portfolio Spreadsheet 1.0

    This workbook provides a simple but powerful tool for tracking a bond portfolio. It was created to track a muni portfolio but could be adjusted to track other types of bonds. The analytics section of the workbook
  • Domain Name Portfolio 1.0.1

    Domain Name portfolio is a free PHP and MySQL based application to help domain owners better organize their portfolio. It allows you to list your domains with their expiry, registrar, price, status, and category. Also
  • TakeStock 0.15j

    A powerful and easy-to-use personal portfolio manager. A powerful and easy-to-use personal portfolio manager. TakeStock is a easy-to-use investment portfolio manager that will allow you to track, buy or sell stock in
  • DownloaderXL. Stock historical quotes into spreadsheets. 5.7.11

    All-in-one trading solution for Microsoft excel DownloaderXL includes: Historical data downloader Real-time quote downloader Strategy backtester portfolio tracker Option chains downloader DownloaderXL:
  • Portfolio Analyzer Extender for MS Proje 1310

    portfolio Analyzer Extender allows you to add additional project-level data to portfolio Analyzer quickly and easily. You don???t need to do any coding! After portfolio Analyzer Extender is installed in Admin tab of
  • CuteTrader - Portfolio Builder/Analyzer

    Is your trading portfolio globally diversified and weighted in favor of the strongest industry sectors.? If not then you urgently need this new software. CuteTrader portfolio Builder/Analyzer makes this tedious but vital
  • TickVue 0.11.01

    With TickVue you can track the stock market in nearly real-time. It queries Yahoo Finance periodically and updates the stock values you are interested in and calculates your portfolio value and daily gain. TickVue can
  • AnalyzerXL. 7 investment solutions for Microsoft Excel. 5.8.6

    All-in-one trading solution for Microsoft excelAnalyzerXL includes: Technical analysis Historical data downloader Real-time quote downloader Neural net-based predictor Strategy backtester portfolio tracker Neural
  • Free BSE Marketwatch 1.2

    Live Quotes of you portfolio of BSE Scrips. Search and add scrips. No Login required. One Click install. Create custom portfolio. Looks like a trading terminal. Get free TIPS on screen updated daily.
  • Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK 1.0

    Welcome to the Adobe?? Acrobat?? portfolio SDK. Acrobat portfolio SDK provides new developer tools to build PDF portfolio layouts (navigators) using Adobe Flash?? Builder??? and Adobe Flash Professional environments.
  • Artists Portfolio Creator 2.0

    The Artists portfolio Creator allows you to create great looking digital portfolios.The digital art portfolio's main features are as follows: Include your contact information, resume and artists statement on
  • PCFolio 5.2.3

    Track your Gain/losses, average amount PAID for securities, amounts invested, total commissions paid and more. Profit and loss amounts and the portfolio's Balance are computed live using current prices obtained free from
  • Personal Portfolio Manager 7

    The OWL Personal portfolio Manager (PPM) was rated the best portfolio management software by the Financial Times (London) and Securities Research Company Ltd (New Zealand). This powerful, yet easy to use, portfolio
  • Portfolio Sheet 2.0

    portfolio Sheet 2.0 is an innovative, versatile spreadsheets program. The portfolio Sheet is the first in a series of revamped personal investing workbooks by Toteboard.net. It is intended to give you a simple yet
  • iQrank

    iQrank is an Investment portfolio Management utility for Windows that helps you to efficiently execute any stock investment strategy. If you are serious about your money, you should not invest without using this elegant
  • PortfolioTK 1.10

    portfolioTK is a stock portfolio manager that provides both accurate quantitative statistics and advanced charting. It includes overall portfolio equity curve performance with risk analysis, trade log entry supporting
  • Artfolio Creator 2.0

    To create great looking digital portfolios The Artists portfolio Creator is used. It showcases user artworks and burns these portfolios to CD or exports them to PDF files and is used for making high quality submissions
  • WebCab Portfolio for Delphi 5.0

    WebCab portfolio for Delphi will give you great web service implementation to help in the construction of optimal portfolio. The program will enable you to evaluate performance, analyse market portfolio and efficient
  • Best Excel Recovery 9.0

    Best excel Recovery is a useful application designed to create an error free backup of your original excel file for instant access. When a file shows an error while trying to open it then it is probably corrupt. Best
  • FREE Quick Quote 1.6

    free Quote Watchlist Software for over 50 exchanges worldwide. Keep track of your trades with this easy to use quote watchlist tool, data feeds are free so you can monitor your trades with zero cost. Quick Quote
  • Options Czar

    Options Czar is a free tool that calculates and helps design stock portfolio strategies using options. Users introduce the data for their current portfolio (or start from scratch) and check the options in the market to
  • Portfolio Fundamentals+ 1.2

    Forms that will assist you in tracking the fundamentals of your stock portfolio portfolio Fundamentals+ is an easy to use piece of software designed to help you track the fundamentals of your stock portofolio. This
  • SmartFolio 3.0.68

    SmartFolio is a state-of-the-art asset allocation software for investment professionals and private investors. It contains advanced portfolio optimization and risk management techniques, based on the latest achievements
  • My Portfolio 1.0

    Want to be up to date with all your Google Finance portfolio courses? Tired of dependence to the internet access and affection towards PC? Then My portfolio software is a need to you. To start using this software
  • StockQuoter 2.2

    StockQuoter is a portfolio manager and downloader for intraday, end of day and historical stock quotes. Download free historical stock, currency, index and mutual fund data from yahoo for your lists of tickers. The
  • PortMan 1.5

    Photographic Model portfolio Manager allows a Model to create an electronic portfolio containing vital information about type of work. Includes photo galleries. Use portfolio Manager to manage your career,
  • 101Quote 1.0

    101Quote is an easy to use free intraday stock market quote tool. Integrated with portfolio tracking, customizable display settings, Export To excel and friendly with firewall and corporate networks, it is a must have
  • Stock Manager for Smartphone 4.43

    Stock Manager is a powerful stock portfolio manager for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. It will keep your portfolio up-to-date with the latest stock prices every time you