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  • Merge Excel Sheets 29.11.15

    merge excel Sheets software can merge excel sheets into one new sheet . Are you still bothered by the cumbersome job of merging multi-worksheet excel files into one worksheet? You may have to merge excel files into one
  • Merge Excel Workbooks 29.11.3

    merge excel Workbooks software can merge several more excel files into one new workbook(multiple worksheets), Are you still bothered by the cumbersome job of merging multiple excel workbooks into one workbook? You may
  • Merge Excel Files 14.9.1

    The software can merge multiple excel sheets into one new sheet or merge excel workbooks into one new workbook with multiple worksheets. The software also can import one or more CSV files, Text files, ODS files into a
  • Excel Merge Cells to merge join and comb 9.0

    excel merge Cells to merge join and Combine two or more cells in excel with dividers. If you want to know how to merge excel cells together, then this software is for you! With this software, you can merge, join and
  • Excel Merge (Combine) Cells, Columns, Rows & Data Software 7.0

    Combine cells in excel. Select many cells and have them put into one. Instead of having data that spans over multiple columns, this add-in automatically joins the content in each column and puts them into one. The same
  • Excel Join Merge or Match Two Tables 9.0

    Do you need to know how to join two MS excel tables with a common column from each table? Wouldn't it be nice to have a table wizard to merge the tables/lists together? If that's what you need, then you've come to the
  • ExcelMergeTool 1.0

    Provide 11 operate mode let user merge excel Workbooks, spreadsheets, rows and cells quickly. Especially for situation that numbers of workbooks often change or spreadsheets sturcture are different can not use formula.
  • Merge Tables Wizard for Excel 3.1.4

    merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft?? excel?? is an easy-to-understand and comfortable-to-use alternative to Microsoft excel Lookup and VLOOKUP functions. This cute add-in, which was specially designed for combining data
  • Merge Cells Wizard 3.0.8

    Use merge Cells Wizard every time you need to place values from several excel cells to one cell, to merge row by row, column by column. If the selection contains multiple data values, merge Cells Wizard will help you
  • SQL Drill Excel Freeware 1.4

    SQL Drill excel freeware 1.4 offers you a powerful SQL Drill add-in: Simplify data retrieval from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, My SQL, DB2 and any other ODBC compliant database. SQL Drill adds easy database access to
  • TikiReports-Excel 1.1

    If you have data spread across multiple excel files; TikiReports-excel is the simplest tool to combine (merge) this data and generate reports. You can choose tables in multiple excel files and combine (merge) them into
  • ActiveData For Excel 5.0

    With this program you can join, merge, match, query, sample (random, stratified and monetary / PPS), summarize, categorize, stratify, look for duplicate and missing items, generate statistics, perform Benford's Law
  • SQL Excel 1.4

    SQL Drill freeware excel Add-In (previously called SQL excel) : Simplify data retrieval from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MY SQL and any other ODBC compliant database. SQL Drill adds easy database access to MS excel.
  • Excel Mixer Nano 1

    excel Mixer Nano is the quickest, most efficient, safest and cheepest way to bring your excel data and excel charts to life with your mouse! All you have to do is select a range of cells in excel, and excel Mixer Nano
  • ExcelTextMerger 1.1

    excelTextmerger is a powerful excel addin application which can merge columns data, concatenate columns text in excel files. You can merge as many cells text as you want in a single process. It is a cute little addin to
  • Merge Cells Wizard for Excel

    merge Cells Wizard for excel is an add-in for Microsoft excel able to quicky combine values from several cells into one; and merge entire rows, columns, or a range of cells in Microsoft excel sheets retaining
  • PST Merge Freeware

    Good news for Outlook user who all is eagerly looking for PST merge application, which can successfully merge multiple PST files to single PST files without altering any original data. Just try SysTools PST merge
  • AutoTableX 4.0.80831

    KozMos AutoTableX is designed to meet the requirement to integrate all three table types and provide AutoCAD users the more possible freedom on creating new tables, editing old drawn tables (created in AutoCAD2004 and
  • Free MS Excel Password Recovery 5.5

    Want to recover free MS excel password? Because you lost your excel password and finding a brilliant freeware MS excel password recovery tool then don't worry and get resolutions of your all queries about Free MS excel
  • Fuzzy Match 1.5

    Microsoft excel tool that evaluates the contents of two cells and gives a probability of a match; a value between 0 and 1 is returned. Easy to use custom function works just like any other excel formula. Works with excel
  • Excel Delete Rows or Columns Based On Cell Content Software 7.0

    Remove entire rows or columns that contain or match specified text in one or more MS excel files. excel 2000 or higher
  • OX Excel To PDF Converter 1.1

    excel to PDF Converter provides an easy way to convert excel workbook to PDF document with super speed and perfect quality. Working as a virtual printer, it allows many ways to add excel files , like, dag and drop,
  • Excel Merge Assistant 1.0

    excel merge Assistant is an excel utility with which you can get data you need from a Microsoft excel worksheet and fill it into another excel worksheet, or extract each row of an excel worksheet and fill it into a
  • Excel Text Merger 1.1

    excel Text merger is a powerful excel addin to merge text within a short matter of time. You can merge as many cells text as you want in a single process. It is a cute little addin to make your excel more powerful than
  • Merge Workbooks 2.0

    merge Workbooks is an excel macro that will combine several excel workbooks into one workbook. The user selects the workbooks to merge and the macro copies all the worksheets in those workbooks into a new workbook. The
  • 7-PDF Split & Merge

    7-PDF Split & merge comes out to users as a great freeware to split & merge PDF-Files for Windows 7, VISTA and XP! Major Features: Use the tool to split pdf-files merge pdf-files together in the way you
  • Excel VBA and Excel UserForms Training 1

    Each lessson is between 5 and 10 Word Document pages long. There are also 10 excel Workbook Examples. Lesson 10 has Time Saving Microsoft excel Solutions. It is a downloadable book in Windows help file format that
  • PDF Merger Splitter

    PDF merger splitter software merge multiple PDFs together, split large PDF files, cut PDFs, joining two PDFs, merging PDFs, deleting PDF pages, appending PDFs, adding PDFs, combining PDFs and splitting PDFs. PDF
  • pdfMachine merge 2012 Build 1.0.

    Mail merge that emails personalized PDF attachments, using Word, Powerpoint, excel or HTML as merge templates Performs merge much faster than the alternatives. Supports "merge Profiles" which remembers your settings
  • Excel Join Tables Software 7.0

    merge / combine two excel tables into one based on a common column of data from each table. The two tables can be located in the same excel file or two different excel files. A wizard makes the join process fast and